Using Insulated Concrete Forms to Improve Your Building

Building a new energy-efficient, quiet, and comfortable house is a great goal, but achieving these standards can sometimes be tough. Using insulated concrete forms in the construction process can help you achieve those goals. Read on to learn how. 1. Understanding Insulated Concrete Forms Anytime you are pouring concrete for walls, a form must be constructed to hold the concrete in place until it cures. Traditionally, forms are made from wood, and after the concrete cures, the forms are removed and discarded.

3 Ways an Aerial Lift Inspection Can Benefit Your Company

Working with heavy construction equipment can be dangerous. It's important that your equipment is in good working condition if you want to maximize the safety of your employees. This is especially true for aerial lifts that are responsible for hoisting materials and workers high above the ground. Outside inspectors are often required to examine aerial lifts and issue certifications that keep your company in business. Many contractors dread having an outside inspector come to a worksite, but you can use these visits to improve your business in the future.