Moving to a New Home? Hoisting a Piano Vs. Lifting a Piano By Crane

Moving all your belongings from one home to is a very stressful task. If you're moving a large piano, the stress might increase. This is especially true if your piano is so big that you have to rent a crane and have it go through a second, third, or even higher floor to reach its final destination. The first thing you have to determine is if you can rent a hoist to lift your piano, or do you need to rent a crane.

A 6-Step Checklist For Inspecting Your Air Compressor Before Each Use

Air compressors power hundreds of different tools essential to the workshop or construction site, but they can pose a danger to you and your fellow workers unless they're kept in good condition. Taking a few minutes to check over the compressor before each use could prevent injury and property damage. Use this checklist for a fast daily inspection that works for any kind of air compressor. 1. Look for Frays

Before You Start: Safe Working Practices To Follow Prior To Forklift Operation

Forklifts are immensely useful, but they can also be dangerous if mishandled or operated in a reckless manner. If you are assigned to use a forklift, it is vital that you understand a few special safety precautions to protect both yourself and others. These precautions aren't just for when you use a forklift, as they also include those that should be followed before you start. Before you even settle down in the seat of a forklift, you should heed the following safe working practices: