Renting The Equipment Your Construction Project Will Require

One of the first steps in preparing to start a construction project for a client can be to obtain the equipment that the work will require. While rental options can be among the most cost-effective and convenient solutions for obtaining this equipment, it will still require some planning to make sure the construction equipment rental process goes smoothly.

Know The Training Requirements For The Equipment You Are Renting

Depending on the equipment that you are planning to use, there may be specialized training that is needed to be able to safely and effectively operate it. In cases where you do not have a staff member with the necessary training to safely operate these devices, some rental services may be able to provide an operator to work the equipment for you. If you are planning to have one of your own staff operate this equipment, you may need to provide the rental service with proof of their certification.  

Protect Yourself From The Financial Impacts Of Damage Occurring To The Rented Equipment

Construction equipment is highly specialized, complex, and valuable. Not surprisingly, those renting this equipment will be responsible for keeping it safe from damage and harm. If there is an accident or disaster that damages this equipment, you may be responsible for having it repaired or replaced. Luckily, you can protect yourself against these issues by adding insurance coverage to your rental. This coverage can be instrumental in providing financial protection in situations where these expensive pieces of machinery are damaged. While rental services will often offer this type of coverage to their clients, your commercial insurance carrier may also offer rental protection, which may be more affordable while offering more expansive protection.

Have A Secure And Safe Storage Area For The Equipment  

At the end of the day, you will need to make sure that any equipment on the project site is properly secured in a safe area. In addition to protecting these items from theft, it can also shield them from the elements. Depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of time that it will take, it may be worth the investment to use a construction field office to house important or sensitive equipment. As an added benefit, this will allow your manager to more easily keep track of this equipment as well as evaluate it for potential problems that should be reported to the rental provider. To assist with this, you should keep records of all the equipment that has been rented as well as the equipment your contracting firm owns so inventory can be taken at regular intervals.