Insight To Rent And Use Landscape Equipment For Your Outdoor Project

Backyard projects are aplenty right now with the weather warming up. But to make the most of your backyard updates, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your work power and timing. Fortunately, renting used equipment from a local equipment rental company is a good way to make the work easier. Here are some recommendations to help you with an upcoming equipment rental for your yard project.

Check Into the Right Equipment

Depending on the project you have, there may be several different pieces of equipment you can rent that will give you better or best results. Be sure to consult with a rental professional at the service office so you can get some details of what is available. They can provide insight into the best used equipment to customize for your project. For example, if you are planning to prepare the soil in your yard for new sod or hydroseed installation, you will need equipment that will till and level the soil in addition to distributing and mixing in some additives. 

You can rent a used walk-behind tiller for small areas of soil work. Or, if you need to work larger areas of soil, you can look to rent a used mini loader with a tiller attachment. This type of equipment will allow you to use the bucket loader to distribute and level fertilizers and then till the soil to combine it. A mini excavator or loader is a great option to use in your yard and on your property because of its small size and its ability to easily maneuver around corners and in tight spaces. In addition, it will prevent damage to structures and landscaping because of its size because it is on four wheels and not a track.

Look Into Rental Details

​Before you go to rent a piece of used equipment for your landscape project, you should find out about the equipment's accessibility for you. Does the used equipment rental business deliver the equipment to you or will you need to arrange for delivery and pickup? If you have a pickup truck, you can handle all of this yourself and return the equipment when you are finished. Just make sure you know how to operate the equipment once you get it to your home and also to safely unload the used equipment from the trailer. 

Find out how many days you approximate your project to take for completion and how long you will need the equipment. Plan out how long you will need the used equipment to finish so you are not rushing to return it on time. And if you need to extend your rental, make sure this is available to you. For more information, contact a company that offers used equipment for rent.