3 Ways an Aerial Lift Inspection Can Benefit Your Company

Working with heavy construction equipment can be dangerous. It's important that your equipment is in good working condition if you want to maximize the safety of your employees. This is especially true for aerial lifts that are responsible for hoisting materials and workers high above the ground.

Outside inspectors are often required to examine aerial lifts and issue certifications that keep your company in business. Many contractors dread having an outside inspector come to a worksite, but you can use these visits to improve your business in the future.

1. Reduce Job Site Injuries

Worker injuries can end up costing your construction company a significant amount of money over time. Injured workers are unable to perform their assigned job duties. This could delay the completion of large projects. You could also be held responsible for paying a portion of the injured worker's wages if they file a workers' compensation claim.

An aerial lift that is not working properly has the potential to cause serious injury. An outside inspector can identify problems with your aerial lift so that you can fix them quickly. Routine inspections reduce workplace injuries and help you save money in the long run.

2. Preserve Your Aerial Lift Warranty

Heavy construction equipment is costly. Repairs can also take a toll on your company's budget. Most of the machinery that you invest in will come with a manufacturer's warranty to help offset the cost of maintenance or repairs during the first few years of ownership.

Your aerial lift is one piece of equipment that should be covered by a warranty. The manufacturer will want to know that you have done your part to keep the aerial lift working properly. Evidence of routine examinations by an outside inspector can show that you have invested in the maintenance of the aerial lift and help ensure that your warranty remains intact.

3. Avoid Hefty Fines

All contractors are required to comply with strict government regulations while working on a job site. OSHA guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of the public and your employees. Routine aerial lift inspections are required by OSHA, as are certifications for any employees operating your aerial lift.

Having an outside inspector regularly come in and examine your aerial lift will help you avoid hefty fines and prove that your construction company takes safety seriously. This could help you attract more customers in the future. For more information, reach out to inspection services such as Power Equipment Leasing Co Inc.