4 Ways You Can Use A Skid Steer On Your Horse Farm

Skid steers are useful in many industries and businesses, from small, family-owned businesses to big, industrial corporations. If you run a small horse farm, you may not think that you need to invest in any major equipment. You can make your life and barn chores a whole lot easier with the help of a skid steer, though, particularly if you invest in the right attachments. These are just some of the ways that you can make use of skid steer attachments on your horse farm; if you're creative, you'll probably think of many more ideas and uses.

1. Clearing Land

When you first purchased the land for your horse property, it might not have all been cleared. You might still have areas on your property that have trees, bushes, and underbrush. If you would like to clear out this land to create paths for horse trails or if you'd like to turn the land into a horse pasture, then your skid steer can help. Your skid steer can be used for removing small trees and bushes, removing roots, cutting grass and underbrush, and more.

2. Cleaning Up Manure

Cleaning up manure is a big part of running a horse farm. If it's something that you normally handle with a shovel and a pitchfork, you may like the idea of using a manure scraper attachment on your skid steer. Suddenly, you can handle manure a whole lot more quickly without having to do all of the backbreaking work by hand.

3. Moving Hay Bales 

Moving hay bales from building to building or bringing them to your horses can be a big job. With a bale spear or bale squeeze attachment for your skid steer, you can let your skid steer do all of the heavy lifting for you. Then, it will be a breeze for you to take your hay where it needs to go.

4. Cleaning Up Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can be dangerous on your horse farm. A human could slip and fall while walking, or someone could get into a car accident. Horses could be injured from slipping on the snow or ice. Plus, getting barn chores done and spending time with the horses can be a lot harder. With a snow scraper, you can use your skid steer to clear walkways, paths and driveways. You won't have to hire someone for snow and ice removal, and you can get the job done thoroughly without having to wield a snow shovel.