Are You Creating A Children's Play Place At Your Country Residence?

Are you lucky enough to be raising your children in a country setting? Perhaps you decided that you didn't want them to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle that often comes with living in the suburbs, choosing instead to build their creativity in a more relaxed atmosphere. However, you may also have realized that you want them to have a structured play place that they can enjoy, a place, too, where little visitors can play outdoors. From buying used construction equipment to planning the play place, here are some ideas that might be helpful.

What Kind Of Equipment Will You Need? - If you will be doing all of the work yourself, you might have decided to buy your own construction equipment. After all, if you have enough land on which to build a children's play place, you might decide later on to add other facets to the established playground. Or, you might decide that you want to expand your home, adding a guest room or other rooms to your present home. Of course, you could rent the equipment. However, if you have decided for sure that you want to purchase your own construction equipment and your own tools, you might consider buying used equipment. It may not look brand new, but appearance doesn't matter as long as the equipment is durable and dependable.

You'll probably need a tractor to clear the land, and a cement mixer to pour foundation for things like a basketball court or a bike riding trail. If wooden structures will be part of your design, consider buying used equipment like an electric saw and an electric sander. You can even buy used nail guns and used post hole diggers, if you'll be putting up things like light posts for evening play.

What Will You Include In The Design? - How old are your children? Perhaps you're looking ahead at the time when little grandchildren will be using the play place. Consider having a cement area where little ones can ride their tricycles and other riding toys. In addition, consider having an area that will hold things like a picnic table and chairs. That will make it possible to have picnics in the play area. Don't forget to include furniture for adults, too. If you're feeling super creative, consider making a concrete game board for playing with giant checkers and chess pieces. 

Think about asking your kids or grandkids to give you ideas that you can include in your play place design. After all, they're the play experts. 

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