The Pros And Cons Of A Tiltbed Heavy Construction Equipment Trailer

If you have heavy construction equipment to haul, the trailer you select is important. This trailer has to be large enough and strong enough to transport your heaviest construction equipment from one job site to another. There are many different types of trailers that you can buy. One option is a tiltbed trailer. Learning the pros and cons of this type of trailer will help you make a determination as to whether this is the best type of trailer for your hauling needs. Here are a few of the pros and cons of a tiltbed heavy construction equipment trailer. 

The Cons of a Tiltbed Heavy Construction Equipment Trailer

  • They Use Hydraulic Fluid

One of the disadvantages to a tiltbed trailer is that it uses hydraulic fluid to operate. This means that you need to continuously buy and fill up the fluid reservoir. This increase the operating costs of the trailer, making it pricier than other types of trailers that do not use hydraulic fluid. 

  • They Need More Maintenance Than Flatbed Trailers

The other downside to a tiltbed trailer is that they need more maintenance than flatbed trailers. They hydraulic system needs to have frequently filter changes and oil changes. In addition to this, the parts on the ramp need to be oiled often and rust needs to be carefully removed, or the ramp may not work as it should. If you want a low maintenance hauling option for your heavy construction equipment, this is not it. 

The Pros of a Tiltbed Heavy Construction Equipment Trailer

  • A Tiltbed Makes Loading and Unloading Easier

The biggest benefit to a tiltbed trailer is that it makes loading and unloading your equipment easier and more efficient. Instead of dealing with ramps, the trailer itself tilts at an angle to become a ramp. This helps to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during the loading and unloading process and ensures you don't have to deal with bulky ramps that can be heavy to lift. 

  • Ensures the Entire Trailer Space Can Be Occupied

The other advantage to a tiltbed is that your equipment can take up all of the space on the trailer. In many cases, the ramp that is used folds up onto the trailer. This either takes up space or creates an area on the trailer that can't be used because you will need to access the ramp when you arrive at your destination. If you want to load multiple pieces of equipment on the trailer or you have a long piece of equipment, you may need all the trailer deck space you can get. 

Picking the right trailer to haul your heavy construction equipment is important. Taking the time to research the various option out there will help you make an educated choice.