Need A Duck Pond? Machinery That Will Help

Ducks can be a great addition to your homestead. The can provide eggs for your use or selling, will eat insects that are a nuisance, and are a lot of fun to watch. In addition, they will generally leave your vegetables alone as they graze for bugs to eat, unlike chickens that can decimate your garden. However, if you want to keep your ducks happy, they are going to need some type of pond to play and bathe in. Even though it does not have to be deep or too big, it does take some work to make one. Here are a few pieces of machinery that will make the task much easier:


Once you have determined where you want the pond and made an outline of it, use a grader to remove the top layer of grass and soil. This will allow you to know what other machines are needed. If there are roots or stones, you will need to get them out before any actual excavation takes place.

Furrowing Plow

Stones and roots can be removed much easier if you use a furrowing plow. This machine will loosen the soil around any stones and cut through roots so they can be removed easier. This is usually an attachment for a tractor.

Excavator or Backhoe

Once it is time to start digging, an excavator, backhoe, or even a bobcat with a bucket can be used. For ducks, you will need to have a gentle slope into the water, not a big drop at the edge. These machines can be maneuvered to create the slope and then dig out the center for a bit of depth.

Dump Truck

Even a small pond can create a lot of dirt. Unless you plan on mounding around the pond you will need to move it somewhere. Wheel barrels can be used but will require a lot of heavy work. The best way to get this part of the job done is with a dump truck; even if you are moving the dirt to a different area on your property.

After you have finished the excavation and gotten rid of the dirt, you can decide whether to have some type of border around the pond or just leave it natural. A good idea is to have some plants on the edge to provide a hiding spot for the ducks. You may want to consider things that grow well on a bank, like cattails, pussy willows, or duck potatoes. Your ducks will love the new pond and you will find yourself captivated with their antics in the water. Just be prepared to be mooned when they put their heads under and their butts up.

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