Industrial Transformer On The Fritz? 4 Steps To Get It Back On-Line

If you rely on an industrial transformer to power your factory, the last thing you need is mechanical failure. When your transformer goes down, so does your business. Unfortunately, you can't just disconnect your industrial transformer, and replace it with a new one. You also can't just take it to the local repair shop. Here are the steps you'll need to take to get your transformer taken care of quickly, and safely, so you can get your factory powered-up again.

Have it Prepped for Shipment

Because your industrial transformer is so large, it can't be shipped through normal channels. It needs to be carefully prepared for transport. That requires it to be broken down into smaller pieces. Once your transformer is disconnected, and the fluids have been drained thoroughly, you'll be able to have it shipped out for repairs.

Locate an Alternate Power Source

While your transformer is out for repairs, you'll need to locate an alternate power source. Arranging to have an emergency transformer delivered to your factory will ensure that you have the power you need to keep things running. Once your main transformer has been repaired, you can have the rental transformer picked up and removed.

Arrange for Delivery and Set-Up

When your transformer is fully-operational again, you'll need to have it shipped back to your factory. Once it's there, you'll need an experienced crew on hand, ready to re-assemble your transformer, and get it generating power again.

Hire a Field Dressing Service

If your transformer has gone out, and you don't want to deal with the headache of taking care of all the details by yourself, it's time to hire a field dressing service. When you utilize the services of a company that specializes in field dressing, you'll know that the job is going to get done right the first time. They'll come out and disassemble your transformer, and get it ready for shipment. They'll also deliver a backup transformer, so that you have power while you're waiting for repairs. When the repairs are completed, the field dressing service will deliver your transformer, and set it back up for you. They'll make sure that your transformer is working properly before they sign off on the job.

If your transformer is down, you need to get it repaired quickly. Use the tips provided here to get it repaired and back online quickly and efficiently. To make sure the jobs done right, contact a field dressing service near you.