4 Tips For Buying A Snow Plow

Whether you want to use for commercial purposes or residential use, purchasing a snow plow can be a sizable financial investment, so you're sure to want to purchase the right one. When you live in a location that gets heavy snow several months a year, having access to your own snow plow can be very convenient. If you're considering buying a snow plow, use the following tips:

Evaluate Your Vehicle

A snow plow that attaches to a vehicle tends to be a lot less expensive than buying a new automobile, so the type of snow plow you buy can largely depend on the type of vehicle that you have. If you want to use your snow plow to provide commercial services, such as plowing large parking lots, side roads, and long rural driveways, you will need a heavy duty, large pick-up truck that can accommodate a large snow plow as well as a sand/salt spreader. Most people who just want to have a snow plow for their personal residential use can get by with a smaller pick up truck, since a smaller snow plow is often fine for normal size driveways and paths.

New Vs. Used

Deciding whether to buy a new snow plow vs. an used snow plow may depend largely on your budget, since used snow plows are substantially less expensive. If you opt for a used snow plow, it is in your best interest to make the purchase from a reputable local dealer. A quality dealer of used snow plows will carefully examine inventory for damage and will make repairs as needed before a used snow plow is sold. When looking at used snow plows, make sure the metal is not bent at all and watch out for broken welds.

Ease of Attachment

A snow plow often needs to be used during less than ideal weather, so it is important that you are able to easily attach the snow plow to your truck even if the wind is blowing and the snow is swirling. When choosing your snow plow, is is better to focus on models that are designed with ease of attachment in mind instead of just speed. There is a difference between fast attachment systems and those that tout ease of attachment.

Lighting System

During a blizzard or strong snow storm visibility can plummet, so it is extremely important that your snow plow comes equipped with a superior lighting system. It is a good idea to buy a snow plow that is equipped with a clamp design that will help keep large snow plow headlights firmly in place while you are using the snow plow. 

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